Bigg Boss: Rakhi and Nikki's catfight

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Another day another fight in Bigg Boss' house.

The promo shared by ColorsTv shows Nikki Tamboli and Rakhi Sawant moving forward to a physical fight.

It started when Nikki Tamboli was sitting on the chair and warning Rakhi not to misbehave with her.

She even asked, "battmeeji mt karna .. muh pe aisa chaata marungi".

In the response, Rakhi roared with, "Faltu ki geedad dhamki tere pas rakh.. tere pas dam hai to aaja mar ke dikha."



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At this Nikki Tamboli jumps on her feet and starts off to slap Rakhi.

In the middle of her pathway, Abhinav and Arshi try to become a wall in between.

But Nikki then answers Rakhi with "Tujhse to jyada hi hai dum."

Then we can see Rakhi Sawant provoking her to slap or misbehave any further.

 It seems like Nikki has come up as the brand new entertainment element for Rakhi.

What's your opinion on this?

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