Rakhi confessed to Rahul about the truth of her marriage

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The Igtv video of Colors Tv shows the truth behind Rakhi and her marriage condition.

The promo started with Rakhi crying and tearing down.

While on the other Rahul comes up to her and asks her "kyon rona hai aise".

On this Rakhi answer with "kuch nahi hoga".

Rahul again asks her "Kyu kuch nahi hoga?".

And she says "my husband is married..uska ek bchcha hai. to bchcha b ni hai.. usne mujhe nahi bataya shadi kr li".

Rahul then grabs some tissue paper and try to wipe out the tears from her eyes.



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After that Rakhi adds up "Jb maine shadi ki ..itne umang se kii thi.. itne umang se uthe aankhon me basaya tha.. yarr mai insan hun."

She tells Rahul that she wants her husband completely with herself without sharing with any other person.

She asks Rahul about what she should do next to get out of her situation. She then confessed that her mother got sick because of the same tension.

After that, she confessed her stamina to fight anything in the world except this. She tells Rahul "mai kitni drd sahun" and kept on crying on his shoulders.

What do you think Rakhi should do now?

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