Rakhi has crossed all her limits and now Rubina has no intentions to bear any more!

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Rubina has always been seeing as more calm and patient than any other member inside the house. Where we have seen handling Rakhi with a very calm tone, she has made sure everything gets back to normal without a tragic incident.


But Rakhi never backs off a single time. In the recent episodes, we have seen Rakhi drooling over Abhinav. Even though Rubina told Rabhi to stay away from her husband, but it seems like she has forgotten all limits.


Although Abhinav has shown no signs towards her and even plans to back her off from the task, Raki instead planned for going more heights of insanity. Meanwhile, in the episode, Rakhi is shown pulling up the string of the shorts Abhinav is wearing.


This was something unbearable for any wife. The promo started with Abhinav lying on the sofa and Rakhi came to him and asked “Hy Abhinav, How are you? Wake up”.


At this Abhinav didn’t respond and left the sofa at once and walked out to sit on a chair inside.



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But Rakhi clearly showing the sign of her insanity, laid down in the same place as Abhinav and told him that she gets a lot of warmth from him.


She even started singing “Chauthe pyaar ki chathi chiththi jaldi se Abhi ko de aa. Kabootar nada le aa”


In the next second, Abhinav was shown standing normally and meanwhile, Rakhi passed her while pulling the strings of his shorts. At that Rubina clearly warned Rakhi not to cross her limits. But Rakhi clearly said that she can’t stop her.


Rubina cleared out every doubt of Rakhi by telling her that she doesn't support any of her entertainment elements. On this, Rakhi snapped back while saying “Maine aapko chot ni pahochai hai kisi bhi cheej ki sirf nade ko haath lagaya tha”.


On this Rubina told her to stop doing this behavior but Rakhi confirmed by saying ‘Jitna mujhe mat bologe mai jarur karungi”. At this Rubina lost her temper and told Rakhi “Mere pati ki ijjat nagi karegi I will be the first one to face you”.


Rakhi on this replied with, he is Rubina husband at home but he is just a contestant of BB here. She even told that Rubina can not stop her even when Rubina told her that she doesn’t know her limits.


Rakhi can be seen singing “I am in love with Abhinav Jisko jalna hai jale..” She even pointed towards Abhinav and said “Jisko jo karna hai kare mai use chedungi”.

Rubina even told her that there is a difference between flirting and insult.


Seems like Rakh has gone far away from her limits.


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