Rakhi has written “I love Abhinav” on her. But WAIT how did she manage to write it on her back using his own hands?

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Rakhi Sawant being Rakhi Sawant often cross her limits and end up making the people on her side go against her.


As she has won the award of “Entertainment of this season” because of her style and amusement in the show, she has decided not to leave a single moment without entertaining her fans.


In the promo shared by Big Boss’s Instagram Account, the episode of today will be the most laughable and must watch of this season.



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As Rakhi is shown washing dishes and telling that Rubina will not like to see her doing the task her husband, this makes Rubina go furious. Rubina asks her to not talk like this but Rakhi starts shouting back and tells Rubina that no one can separate her from Abhinav.


After that, she was shown going inside the washroom and come out with Abhinav’s name written on her whole body. Even the others like Vikas Gupta and Aly Goni try to convince her by saying that Rubina will be furious as she is his wife but Rakhi responds that she is his girlfriend and cares for nothing.


This does make Rubina go crazy on Rakhi and announces that even though she makes a tattoo of his husband on his body, she doesn’t care at all about it.


Rakhi was even shown following Abhinav to the washroom and showing up his name on her body. She even asks Abhinav that whether he knows someone who has done such a thing for him. Rubina, at last, provides a response by saying Cheap Entertainment on Rakhi’s activity.

But, But But, KUCH TO GADBAD HAI DAYA... One thing have you noticed, that she has written Abhnav’s name on her back too with using her own hands with so much perfection. They must be some else help needed in the process.


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