Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi is back with her Revenge AVATAR

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In the promo of Colors Tv, Rakhi can be seen coming back in her Bold Avatar again. While in the last episodes we have seen Rakhi harassing Abhinav without any shame and getting negativity from the public but it seems like she is now in Revenge mode.



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The promo started with Rakhi telling Devoleena that she isn't going to respect anyone now. After that, Abhinav enters the room and Rakhi taunts her while saying "Hindustan ke number 1 reality show me santre chilte ho, shukar kro hm challengers aaye aur tum log jage".

While Abhinav kept his patience on the high level, but Rakhi kept on adding fuel to the fire by saying "Biwi ne mna kia hai kya Rakhi se nahi bat karne ka hai".

Even at this Abhinav and Rubina can be seen maintaining their patience very hardly.

But Rakhi kept on adding "Joru bolti hai uth to uth, baith to baith. Bahr baith ke bol rahe the fake entertainment... Tum juthi ho, tum bat-dimaag ho.. tum kya ho?".

On this final spark when Rakhi calls him Tharki, Abhinav screams back with "Yhi teri gandigi hai Rakhi .. yhi teri gandgi hai".

Abhinav again adds up with "Gand vahiyat aurat hai".

Rakhi answers his blame with "Mere ko gandh mt bol".

Seeing the environment going hotter, Devoleena tries to calm down Rakhi but ends up with the response of "mere beech me mt aana" by her.

While on the next second, Rubina throws a bucket full of water on Rakhi after getting tired of her drama.

Rubina finally calls her "Battmeej Aurat" in the end and leaves her shocked in the end.

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