Rakhi tore out Abhinav's undergarments

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Isn’t entertainment something that will make everyone laugh at the action without leaving a single soul sad?


But it seems like Rakhi has a different definition of that.


In the recent episodes, we have seen Rakhi getting obsessed with Abhinav and her wife ordering her to stay away. This seems like an addiction for Rakhi, or something more than just an entertainment act.



While we have seen Rakhi crying and talking to herself about Abhinav, by confessing the fact that she really likes him a lot. After that, her act came out to be more disturbing when she had written: “I love Abhinav Sukla” on her entire body. Though we are still in confusion about how could she manage to write it down on her back with so much perfection.



But no doubt we have seen Rakhi in horror avatar as well. So can’t comment much.


Recently, when the cycle task was going on, it can be seen that Rakhi was expecting Abhinav to help her but she belonged to a different group he didn’t. And then she got even more mod and snapped back in her RAKHI BEING RAKHI mode.


After that Rakhi picked the undergarments of Abhinav Shukla and started cutting them down while sitting in front of the cameras. She didn't stop there but in fact, she also tried pulling out the shorts of Abhinav? Now would you call this entertainment or cringe?


This made each and every viewer go cringe at her act. No doubt this was beyond anyone’s imagination.


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