Rashami Desai confirmed that her role in Naagin 4 is nothing to do with Vikas Gupta!

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This season of Big Boss has given us many shocks and taught so many lessons too. Although in both ways, the show is full of entertainment.


Recently Aly Goni has accused Vikas Gupta of blackmailing. He also said that Vikas Gupta has told him that he can snatch roles and is not going to give any work to Aly.


On this, so many actors have supported Vikas Gupta for his innocence in the matter. Even the actress Kanya Punjabi has tweeted and told Aly Goni that he should focus on making himself the best so that no one will be able to take the work from him and thus showed Vikas Gupta falsely.


After it, Rashmi Desai got the role of Shalaka in Naagin 4. And the rumors about Vikas Gupta showing the door to Jasmin and welcoming Rashmi were both fake and nothing to do with Vikas.


But Rashami Desai confessed that she hadn’t got the role by Vikas but from the channel and the production house and it has no connections with Vikas Gupta at all.


What’s your take on this whole situation?


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