Raveena Tondon told how people discouraged her from adoption and called it a baggage! Must Read..

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We have always been excited to know the adoption journey of Raveena Tandon. She became the mother at the age of 21.

In talking with Pinkvilla, she told that when she had decided on adopting the children, people started telling her that it was a piece of baggage that he is considering and they no one will be marrying her afterward.


She hence made a change by deciding on opening her arms for both the girls in the year 1995.


But when she got married to an Industrialist, Anil Thadani in the year 2004, it must be a slap on those faces restraining her from doing such an inspirational act.

After their marriage, they got blessed with 2 children as well. She always made sure that her 4 children get equal love and attention from her.

No doubt she is an inspiration for all the single mothers as well. What’s your take on this?


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