Ritesh, Rakhi's husband has taken a step forward to save his wife now

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After the fight between Rakhi and Nikki, their family members have started giving their reactions and support to them.


After this fight, the main reaction was seen by Nikki’s mother, when she passed a comment on the fight and said that she is disappointed in Rakhi because of her abusive behavior towards her daughter. She also told in her comments that the way Rakhi reacted with her daughter was extremely vulgar and she didn’t like it a bit.



Then the reaction came from RITESH, the real husband of Rakhi Sawant, although he never came in front of anyone through any means. But after this fight, he supported his wife a lot by giving his reaction while talking to a journalist. He told him that he also felt sad how Nikki’s mother commented on his wife. He also told the journalist that he wanted to meet NIKKI TAMBLI’s mother and ask her what language of his wife made her believe that it was cheap and vulgar, as he watched the show and heard nothing which was below level.

According to RITESH, he had also seen the last episode and if Nikki Tamboli didn’t find it bad while doing something improper then how can she feel bad when Rakhi showed her the mirror. Not only this he said that Nikki has a habit of cornering guys and making deals with them for the game by playing like a group with her. But she never offers the same deal with the other girls presented there.  

Along with this, he had also said that he did feel bad about how Manu Punjabi and Nikki Tamboli were questioning the work and experience of her wife, while Nikki should go and look in the mirror first who has just started working in this field whereas Rakhi is known to the whole world. He wanted to also tell Manu Punjabi that his turnover is only 1.6 million US dollars unlike RITESH himself, who owns 6 billion dollars. According to RITESH, a person should be judged by his behavior, unlike his bank balance.


Who do you think is playing the culprit card here?