Bigg Boss 14: Rubina and Abhinav's plan against Rakhi but is Rakhi crossing the line?

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In the recent Promo Post by Colors TV, it seems like Rubina and Abhinav are making plans against Rakhi to finally get rid of her.


Since the last few episodes, Rakhi has been seen drolling over Abhinav completely. And although Rubina kept telling her to stay away from her husband when Rakhi never mind.



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So, it seems like they now decided to break Rakhis’ task loop by not letting her do the massage anyhow. The promo started with Rubina telling Abhinav that to destroy Rakhi’s game is in his hands now. Rubina tells Abhinav to eliminate the person from the next round if they come out of their loop.


Then she advises Abhinav to not let her do his massage so that she will come out of the loop and thus he will eliminate her. Then Rakhi was shown calling Abhinav for doing his massage. But then Abhinav asks Rakhi to bring the oil first. On that, Rakhi was shown searching for the oil and getting surprised by not finding it out.


After that Rakhi asks him to stay there as is going to search inside for it. But meanwhile, she kept talking to herself “Mera task krne se kaise rokenge” and which proved that, she must have understood the plan of Rubina and Abhinav.


While searching for the oil, she doubts them for hiding it from her. But somehow she comes out with a bottle in her hand. Then she was shown holding one of his legs to do the massage. But it seems like somehow she got failed in her task because of the difficulty made by the couple.


And in the next second, she tells Abhinav “Tune Mujhe target Kiya, page lie tune. Start tune kia, end mai karungi”, with a revenge smile on her face.

She even tells Abhinav that she now makes his life miserable from now on. 


While Rakhi may be entertaining for the viewers but the below tweet by Reality Show Critic Akassh Ashok Gupta does make us wonder "Shouldn't there be some line in the name of entertainment"?



While in the reaction Abhinav was shown wearing his I-DON’T-CARE attitude.


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