Rubina learned how to shut Rakhi's mouth close

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The promo of Bigg Boss shows Rakhi getting a lesson from Rubina.

We can here see Rakhi screaming on the high pitch and accusing Abhinav of being a Tharki.

While on the next second we can second Abhinav asking her "MAI THARKI HUN?" and getting the answer of Yes in the response.

At this Abhinav answers Rakhi with "Yhi Teri Gandgi hai Rakhi..Yhi Teri gandgi hai".



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While on the other hand, Rubina enters the room when Rakhi screams at Abhinav with "Mere ko gandh mt bol."

After that, Rubina picks up the bucket kept there and throws all the water on Rakhi.

We can even hear Nikki screaming on the top of her throat by this sudden response.

Rubina then calls her Battmeej Aurat and leaves the room with her husband, leaving Rakhi in shock.

From the whole action and reaction of Rubina, we must say that finally, she has learned the trick of stopping Rakhi from insulting her husband.

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