Bigg Boss 14: Rubina's repeat act of falling in the pool makes the 'Time loo' most interesting task this season!

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Bigg Boss’s Time loop task has now emerged as the most entertaining activity till now. A recent post shared by Big Boss has made everyone laugh hilariously when Rubina has been seen falling into the pool again and again.


Due to the time loop, Big Boss has announced that the contestants will be doing the same task again and again in the loop.



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And this is why the promo started with Rubina falling inside the water, and Vikas running towards the pool says “Rubina giri, Rubina Giri pani me”. Then Aly Goni was also shown running inside the pool and helping her to come out of it. After that Vikas asks Rubina if she is okay or not.


This whole falling down, and rescuing part is shown repeated by the members again and again in the promo. Even Vikas was shown asking the same question again and again.



Although they performed it in different clothes the task remained the same.



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