Rubina shouted on Vikas for unfair decisions

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Everyone has a limit to face issues. And seems like Rubina is now fed up with everything does by Rakhi till the point. In one of the video posts shared by ColorsTv, it can be seen that Rubina is now on the edge of insulting Rakhi and making her regret her actions now.


The Video started with Rubina telling Vikas that Rakhi's act deserves no justification! She tells him that just because she didn’t get the utensils to clean with Abhnav, it can't be a reason for Rakhi to write I love Abhinav on her entire body.


She even confirms it by saying that Rakhi has accepted that now Rubina is stopping her so now she will do other things too.



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Rubina tells Vikas that Rakhi is only covering up now by saying that Rakhi contradicts herself and Rubina doesn't care if she gets a tattoo of her husband. In the next second, we can see Rubina talking to Rakhi that she respects her even after that but that doesn't give her the right to say anything on her back.


At last, we can see shouting at Vikas by saying “I will be fair, I will be fair. Where did your fairness go, into the earth or it just flew up the sky”. 


Vikas agrees with Rubina clearly on that part. After that, Rubina jumps up on her feet and tells Vikas that he brought the task on NO DECISION and nobody won it then when she did the same thing how can he stop her by telling her that it was the wrong one.


Isn’t Vikas taking the wrong side?


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