Rubina throwing bucket water on Rakhi

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Once more we can see Rakhi doing anything for being in the spotlight.

But we must say Rubina has learned how to deal with her very well now.

In the last episodes, we have seen Rakhi drooling over Abhinav and getting neglected.



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After Abhinav announced his harrassed condition on national television, seems like Rakhi has learned new tactics to irritate the couple.

But this time Rubina isn't going to be silent anymore.

In the recent promo shared by Colors Tv, we can see Rubina throwing a bucket of water on Rakhi.

The promo started with Rakhi screaming at Abhinav and calling him "Tharki".

And on this Abhinav replied with "Yahi teri gandgi hai Rakhi".

But Rakhi didn't budge back and screamed again with "mere ko gandh mt bol".

In the instance, Rubina came in front to take a stand for her husband and throw a bucket full of water on Rakhi while Calling her "Battmeej Aurat".

Nikki whereas can be seen screaming at Rubina "No no no" but she took her revenge quite well.

Today's episode is a must to watch.

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