Bigg Boss: Abhinav and Rubina Dilaik in tears due to Rakhi!

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Weekend ka Vaar left tears in Rubinav’s eyes. As the promo started we can see contestants slamming the pictures of the Culprit of the week’s member with cross stamps.


The later conversation came out to be more ridiculous. At first, Rakhi came up in front of the members and told Rubina that she has stolen her husband from her. She even told Rubina to do whatever she can.



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In the reply, Rubina called cheap and even asked about her cheap entertainment but Rakhi did escape from saying “Desh ki Janta mujhse bahot pyaar karti hai. Tumhare cheap bolne se mai cheap ni hoti”.


At this Rubina can be seen saying that Rakhi didn't appreciate the respect and emotions of others. She added that Rakhi backstabbed her and her relationship. After that, Rubina added the best comment on Rakhi by asking “Apka jo pehla pyaar tha vo dhong hai ya ab dhong hai”.


Rakhi can be seen as a little shocked and speechless at this question. Vikas on the other hand told Rubinav that he had a heart-to-heart conversation with Rakhi. He assured them by saying that Rakhi has told him that she will not do a wrong thing even though she likes Abhinav.


At this Rubina told him that they were told the same thing by Rakhi for a month now. Vikas again asksed Rubinav that what was the track all about. At the same second, we can see Rubina and Abhinav denying it completely by saying that they haven't given her permission at all.


Then Abhinav takes the turn and tells everyone that he had no idea about the entertainment standards of Rakhi before. He even announced that Rakhi torchers the people for entertainment.


Rakhi with her attitude can be seen with “What a torcher”. Abhinav shared that he got hurt when Rakhi told Arshi that Abhinav has hugged her tightly in the luggage room. Abhinav even blamed Rakhi for disturbing his relationship with Rubina.


Abhinav with disgust in his voice slapped his hands while saying “if is desh ke log isko entertainment bolte hain” After this whole incident, we can see Rubina confronting Abhinav by saying “Durbhagya hai humare desh ka jo aise logon ko entertainment bolte hain”.


Abhinav accepted the fact that she is doing everything on purpose and he is feeling stupid on fell into the trap. In the end, Rakhi can be seen saying sorry to Abhinav for her act but Abhinav denied it clearly b saying “Aap dur rehna mere se mere”.


Do you think Abhinav should be given justice now?


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