Rudra falls from the stairs!

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In the show of Yeh Hai Chahatain, the strong bond between Preesha and Rudra has been broken down by none other than Mahima herself.


The episode started with Rudra asking Mahima what she did with him and why he couldn't recall his memory back. And Mahima in the reply tells him that now they are official.

On the other hand, Preesha leaves with her father but Rudra reaches her office in the morning and asks for forgiveness. As expected, Preesha completely disagrees with her, making Rudra feel more guilt about his unknowing action. Rudra thereafter arrives at Preesha’s house and asks her to meet him or he will continue banging the window with the stones.

In the response when Preesha comes downstairs and asks Rudra to leave, he disagrees. At that moment Preesha goes back inside the house and again tries to sleep. Here the rain starts, making Rudra getting a high fever due to the cold weather. When Preesha looks at him in the morning, he asks him why he didn’t leave but Rudra gets unconscious.

Here Mahima was called by her after she manages to give Rudra an injection to control his temperature. Afterward, Rudra was shown snapping outside from his room in his rush to meet Preesha. And then he is shown slipping from the stairs and hitting his head hard.

This seems like a pretty much amazing change in the story.


Do you think Preesha will forgive Rudraksha after this and understand Mahima’s plot?


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