Salman Khan clarifies the reason Bigg Boss House was Shifted from Lonavala to Goregaon!

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During a recently conducted promotional event at Andheri Metro Station for Bigg Boss 13 called Celebrity Express Take Off, Salman Khan answered one of the top question was getting raised on social media again & again. 

It was regarding the location shift as Endemol Team from last so many years managed the show from Lonavala which ensured there's proper security and there's no interference at all from any unwarranted people in the premises and the secrecy is managed effectively as well. Salman Khan explained that the location shit has occurred to save the effort of 100s of staff who work relentlessly away from their families at a distant location which would mean unnecessary burden and heavy cost.

Further, Salman Khan said that the distance is not going to be a problem but the travel time would still be an issue as the traffic from Goregaon would be even worse and it might not help if someone is thinking from time saving persepective for daily back and forth travel.

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