Salman Khan is tired of Nikki Tamboli's behavior

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Salman Khan finally told Nikki Tamboli that she is the main culprit in Bigg Boss House. As the promo started we can see Salman Khan yelling at Nikki Tamboli and telling her that she can go to hell now.


Salman Khan told Nikki that she has insulted almost everyone in this house. He added, “Press key Saath battmijji ki. Ye battmeeji entertaining hai”.

At this Nikki replied with “Gusse me bol deti hun”



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But as Salman was already tired of her antics, he replied with “Kya Baat kya Karen apke saath Nikki. Ek bar smjhaya Do bar smjhaya. Teesri bar Jao bhaad me jao”.


Nikki on this whole incident seems shocked and gives no reaction as if she knows that it's the truth. No doubt Nikki has fought with each and everyone inside the house, Rakhi, Rubina, Vikas no one is left now.


Do you think Nikki will change after the reaction given by Salman Khan?


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