Salman Khan's Bigg Boss 13: First Impressions 'A Raw Opinion'

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So, its that time of the year again, when the cooking schedule of aunties, study schedule of young adults and sleeping schedule of India, somehow gets adjusted to the broadcast timings of Colors TV’s popular reality show “Bigg Boss”.
For last 13 years, admittedly the show has been a guilty pleasure of many Indian households. After the numerous “This is gonna be my last season to watch”, we know many of you have already come onboard and ready to peep into the most drama-filled house of India, #BIGGBOSS13
With the onset of Social media age, the show is now not only limited to the TV screens, but spreads its wings amongst almost all social media platforms. With fan groups,  fanwars, twitter trends, reactions from friends, fans and family of contestants, the matters are bound to get spicier.
Within the first three episodes itself, many contestants have already been trending on twitter for good and bad reasons, a lot of discussions have already gotten started, but wait, it only gets more intense from here.
So here we share our initial raw opinions on the first impressions of the 13 contestants of Bigg Boss 13!!
Siddharth Shukla :- The good guy. The handsome hunk definitely needs no introduction. Being one amongst the most familiar face of Indian TV with many beautiful roles to be remembered for, Sid already enjoys a great fanbase. He comes off as one of the strongest and likeable contestants on the show. The good guy wins hearts and gives back to people with equal finesse. He is definitely the one to watch out for.
Rashmi Desai : Sweet n Smart. The doting bahu of TV, and all aunty’s favorite, Rashmi is one of the most popular faces on the show. Her connection with Sid has been much talked about. The calmness with which she has been tackling the questions of her equations with Sid shows a good level of maturity. But yet she needs to be more visible in the game and keep up the hopes of her already huge fanbase who are keen to see her coming out victorious from the Bigg Boss house.
Shehnaz Gill:- The Bubbly Punjaban. This one is definitely a treat to watch. A perfect blend of innocence, crazyness, drama and cuteness, Shehnaz AKA Sana is sure to add a lot to the entertainment factor of the show. The current love angle between her and Paras is sure to take a limelight in upcoming episodes. We believe there is a lot that we are yet to see from Shenaz, and that “lot” would surely include umpteen madness and over-enthusiasm, a perfect recipe for total drama and TRP.
Paras Chhabra:- The Sanskaari playboy. The former Splitsvilla winner, and actor who played Raavan in the show “Vighnaharta Ganesha” is coming off as the true Raavan of the show with evident stride of a grey shade, with him bullying, teasing and unaplogetically declaring himself as a player, and not a very apparent side of niceness where he seem sweet with his friend Aarti, and sensible in how he makes up with housemates after a fallout. He has been most popular amongst the girls inside the house  as was clear from the latest task where most girls gave their heart pillows to him. The guy knows how to keep both girls and cameras fixated at him.
Asim Riaz:- The chocolate boy. This model from J&K, has a distinguished personality and has often garnered the limelight for his short temperament and being irked by Paras’s bullying and teasing. Even with an accent that irks many for being allegedly fake, there seems to be a real side to him. The boy has a spark, but him abandoning the last task makes us a bit disappointed. We hope he catches up soon.
Koena Mitra : - The Boss Lady: If there is one contestant who has left most viewers in awe and amaze, it has to be Koena. She is a head-strong, confident and no nonsense woman who, though seldom speaks, but speaks with an impact. Articulate and clear with her words, the whole house seems to stop and listen when she has to say something. While people might miss the entertainment factor with her, her strong personality makes up for it. It would be interesting to see how she moves ahead with her game.
Shefali Bagga:- The Tikhi Churi. Shefali, known for her career in anchoring really knows how to cut people deep with her words. Her recent performance in the task where she brought out Arti’s past sent her to tears. While fans are divided on the opinion whether her actions were right or not, she may come out as the potential villain of the house. We have seen her dedication in the game, and her ability to take a stand for herself,  we would love to see her different shades being seen in the coming days.
Aarti:- Mithi Churi :- This seemingly sweet lady with the girl-next-door persona has already shown a vibrant side to her personality. She is seen making good connections with housemates, standing for herself and being an authority figure when needed, all while carrying a pleasant smile on her face. She seem like a smart contestant with good knowledge of “what-when-how”. She may be an underdog initially, but should come off as a great player in the coming episodes.
Deboleena:- Determination personified. The Gopi Bahu of Indian TV has a completely different side to show here. She seems determined and confident. Her latest task where she tortured Sid Shukla by putting an ice slab has made it apparent that she can conveniently go ruthless in the blink of an eye, and also shows her determination to win every tasks, come what may. She knows why she is on the show, and is performing the tasks like a boss.
Abu Malik :-  Mr. Misfit. The older sibling of Anu Malik seems to be having a tough time on the show. The show hasn’t started off very well for him, with no girls picking him for chores which resulted in him getting a disadvantage ring. He seems like a misfit amongst the mostly young-adult housemates of the show. Though, he is in fact an amazing entertainer, but that side of him is not getting enough footage. We love his zeal and would love to see him break all inhibitions and entertain us like the entertainer he is.
Daljeet Kaur:- Women-power Kaur. While many have been a fan of her journey of life that has gotten her so far, this independent, badass single mom impresses us too with her strong personality. Though she does need to step up her game a bit and be more visible. With her recent task performance, we have high hopes for her. She seem to be taking it slow when it comes to be visible in the house but when it comes to the tasks, she is giving her best.
Siddharth Dey:- Mr. Hard-to-predict.  Now, this guy is someone, many are still trying to figure out. He seems to be trying too hard to catch some limelight, sometimes picking some weird issues in the process. Additionally, his obnoxious flirting isn’t something either housemates or the viewers seem comfortable with. This is perhaps the first interaction with camera for this celebrity writer and we would say he has a long way to go in learning what works for the camera and what looks, ummm… weird.
Mahira Khan:- The Diva: This diva from J&K is one of the youngest contestants on the show. She is already catching many eyes for her glamorous looks and candid personality.  She has proved that when she performs a task, she means business. Her diva personality and conviction to perform would add the tadka to her already hot presence. We hope to see more of her.
Overall, we can say the contestants of #BIGGBOSS13 are very promising and most of them haven’t let us down. In this fast paced format of the show, the lava has been seen boiling right in the first week of the show. We are yet to see how well received the #BFF format of this season is going to be, but one thing is for sure, we are impressed with the contestants and are quite hooked. Who is your favorite amongst these 13? Share with us in comments and tweets tagging us. We would be coming up with more gossips, more masala, thoda sa tadka, and our raw opinions. Keep watching this space.