Salman Khan scolded everyone for insulting Rakhi Sawant! This is why..

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Salman Khan has always taken a stand for the people who got bullied. This doesn't just make him a better host but also a better Human!



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In the first Weekend ka Vaar episode of this year, Salman has taken a stand for Rakhi Sawant because she was bullied by the contestants. He immediately after wishing everyone New Year, raised the matter of bullying.

He then asked Jasmin to justify her behavior with Rakhi. On which she tried giving excuses by saying that she was provoked. The host straight away denied her explanation and asked her to apologize to Rakhi for her rudeness.

Also, Salman Khan asked Jasmin to behave maturely now. After that, the Dabangg actor took the case of each member of the house for bullying Rakhi Sawant.

Salman Khan told everyone that just because she has a different personality and couldn’t speak the English language as perfectly as they do, that doesn’t give them a right to bully her. He also called out the actress Rubina for putting Rakhi down every time just because she finds it interesting and cool. At the thing, Salman told Rubina that putting someone down and to judge them makes a person look most uncool.



Also, Salman praised Rakhi for her strong personality and told everyone that she will be going out of the house because of her injury on the nose. Thus the actor asked Rakhi to leave the house for getting treated.

Do you think Rakhi will return after the treatment?


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