Siddharth's Confessions behind the fight

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A celebrity beating a common man is nothing new.

It has happened many times when you can’t take a proper take on who's right and who's a culprit. The same happened with Siddharth Shukla, the winner of Big Boss Season 13.


On 12 December, the day when he should be celebrating his birthday, he was seen in a fight with a common man. A man passing by recorded each and everything while Sidharth was sitting in his car. The guy who was recording the footage also called that the actor was Drunk and Driving. On this, the actor told that he was shown a knife by the common man while trying to snatch the phone.


Seems like he got spotted at the wrong timing. And as there is no proof of him fighting with the common man, nothing justifies in the end.


After this incident, the actor committed that he was celebrating his birthday when his brother in law got the call from one of his crew. They were told that some goons had started the fight at that place with them. At this news, both the actor and his brother-in-law went to check and resolve the situation there.


The actor also told that when they both tried to stop those goons, they showed them their knives and started threatening them.  And this was the time when he got spotted and recorded.

He told that somehow they were able to take the goons to the local police station and now those goons are behind the bars.


What’s your take on this point? What do you think must have happened there?