Somethings should be HIDDEN right?

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Something should be hidden right? At least the things which are not ethical on any grounds?


Talking about the same in the recent episode we have seen Big Boos diving the members into two teams and letting them do the tasks. Meanwhile, when Rakhi Sawant was already facing issues like thirst and hunger, she urinated in her pants because she couldn’t hold them. It’s a natural body phenomenon, right?


So when Rakhi told Rubina that she had peed in her pants because she couldn’t hold it any longer, and asked her to stay quiet about it as others will use it while fighting, it must have been removed from getting broadcasted on the national television.


The morality of what is shown and what is not must be kept upwards than TRP. But the scene was shared with the viewers. Although we consider it wrong to show these things and makers should have removed them beforehand.


What is your opinion on this?


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