Soun Sood Taloring Shop for free sewing of clothes. We can't ask for more reasons to bless him.

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Sonu Sood has always melted our hearts with his sweet actions towards others. Even in the lockdown, he became the most helping hand for the migrants. He even got the title of Messiah for migrants, as per his help to them. He had helped the people by arranging transports, who were stuck in cities and couldn't find a way to go back home. 


He then helped those who were stuck overseas and couldn't find a way to come back to our country. He has become a reason for us to be proud at. 



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Recently he has shared a video on his Instagram post, in which we can see him stitching clothes. He also mentioned a funny caption, in his post, saying that he is sticking the clothes for free and there is no guarantee of the length of the cloth.


No matter what he does, he always makes sure to keep his country proud of having him.


We can't ask for more reasons to bless him. Right?


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