Tactics and support of Jasmin and Jyotika

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The contestants in Bigg Boss are so much happy after meeting their supporters.

From the promos shared by the Bigg Boss, we can see their happy faces as soon as they saw their supporters.

The video post shared by ColorsTv started with Rubina screaming out with happiness after seeing her sister and rushing forward to hug her.

Rakhi also screamed to hug her brother.

Next second, Jasmin came forward to Aly and kissed his forehead.

After that, they entered the house and-in-hand.



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Jyotika then advises Rakhi to stop playing her dirty entertainment tricks as it make her look negative in the outer world.

She then tells Rubina and Abhinav about the real truth, "entertainment ki definition sabki alag hai..but Rakhi ki ka pta hai kya case hai.. vo krti hai thoda over... vo baukla gayi ki sb Rubina ko kyon importance de rahe hain, main bhi to hun..but vo cheej aapko smjhni chahiye na aap samajh rakh skte ho agar unme smjh ni hai to."

The next moment, Aly tells Jasmin how much Rubina had supported him when Abhinav and Aly fought over something.

But it seems like Jasmin has some other plans.

She suggests Aly not look like somebody's sidekick.

She even told him that how smartly Rubina turned out to the smartest contestant and replaced Jasmin.

Jasmin reminded Aly of his own words, "Tere hi shabd hain.. inko dekh ke lgta hi n tha ki ye tujhe behn manti behn manti.. kaisi palti mari"

Aly corrected Jasmin by telling her that he no longer supports Rubina on the task.

With this, Jasmin added, "you are listening to give me an answer.. you are not listening to understand... Tum moh me pagal ho gaye ho”

Aly even tried to correct her by telling her the truth.

But Jasmin kept on pushing Aly against Rubina by saying, "to fir to trophy bhi use de dena usko"

Do you also think that Jasmin is inflaming Aly against Rubina?

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