Tanushree Dutta's women card play for protecting Hitesha

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Using women's cards has been a new trend for the current generation to attract the crowd’s attention as well as their trust. But as a lie remains a lie no matter in how many ways it was described as.


This is what happened with Hitesha Chandranee when she gave statements and statements to prove her point but ended up with nothing, while Kamraj’s truth needed so social media presence to get proved.


The real shock comes when the celebrities even after seeing everything come on the floor and start giving unnecessary comments.


Recently Tanushree Dutta has supported Hitesha and shared a list of reasons to show how fair Hitesha is. But obviously, people are not stupid to just believe anything anyone says.


Tanushree tried so hard to show that how much the men of our society can be judgemental and wrong, but she forgot that it’s 2021 now, and now we don’t generalize things anymore just because of some wrong ones.


The way she explained everything in her post was so unethical too, because of the high usage of abusive words. There is no point of showing men as the criminal now when we started walking on the floor of equality and thanks to the social media we are no more living behind curtains. Today, people are well enough intellectual to justify right and wrong by themself.


She even claimed that Zomato is the one behind all of these campaigns of supporting Kamraj and exposing Hitehsa. This statement of hers doesn’t even sound stupid but childish too, because how can a company purchase these many people and run such huge public campaigns?


This is what we think about the whole, but we would love to know your perspective too.


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