The Game of Music Mafia.

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Ever since Sonu Nigam has exposed the Music Mafia, I’ve been bombarded with messages from young talents all over Social media.

Check this video out: 


Do you know why, despite having such incredible talent and potential, most of them have not yet gotten their due?


Because they are not adopted by any Mafia.


They do not have any Bhaijaan promoting them.


They do not have any paid PR creating fan pages for them and buying millions of views on their videos.


They do not have any Agency creating hype for them, fooling the public into believing that they are Super stars.


What would it take for us to refuse to get manipulated by the Mafia and start using our own better sense in recognising and acknowledging Real talent?


Is it time now to wake up and smell the coffee?


Is it possible that WE the Public, can become a catalyst in changing the game?


Can we now do everything in our capacity to make them deserving ones Famous?!



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