The Logical Podcast - What it is?

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Peepoye by Akassh Ashok Gupta is a channel that provides you deep and meaningful perspective on what’s goin on in the entertainment and creative space around. you. We began this channel only to provide tips and content around Reality Shows and how to get a ticket to fame but eventually we started covering wide variety of topics and trends based on the popular feedback from the subscribers and growing need of deeper analysis and view point backed up by unbiased view on a subject. Today Peepoye is the home to this new phenomenon which we call as The Logical Podcast or TLP - India’s most logical Podcast ever. This show would host our country’s top maestros and experts of their respective spaces in conversation with Akassh Ashok Gupta who promises to make them talk on the topics and subjects which you wouldn’t have seen paid media asking ever and that’s what differentiates our endeavour in providing you a content which is deep and promises to enrich your understanding on variety of subjects and gives you a chance to look into the life of some of the celebrities with a whole new degree worth of lens. Hope you find this interesting and join our Family for Life.