The true faces of our favorite STARS

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True leaders always practice the three R'sRespect for self, Respect for others, Responsibility for all their actions.  It seems like we need to send this statement to our leaders and heroes more and more, as they have neither any respect for our humanity nor any responsibility towards society.


According to our laws, any kind of direct advertisement is ban when it comes to liquor, tobacco products, etc. But the industries found loopholes even in that part.  And why not, our country comes in the 4th position when it comes to the consumption chart of these products. 


Now you must be wondering that how come these stars are related to that? Let us switch on the lights first so that you can see things with more clarity.




These industries have introduced a surrogate advertisement method, to create more and more brand recognition in the market about their products. Now to do that successfully, our actors promote these surrogate products which directly lead the customers to purchase the main product made by the company.


Actors like Priyanka Chopra, Anushka Sharma, Shah Rukh Khan, Ajay Devgan, Saif Ali Khan, and many others, act in this advertisement and play with the customer psychology, to make the brand become a status symbol in the society.


This leads the customers to take it more seriously and jump in to change their buying decisions. But is it right? Probably no one can agree on this part.


Let us show you some examples of these advertisements now.


Example 1: In the advertisement of Rajnigandha, The MISS WORLD “Priyanka Chopra” shows the glory of the surrogate product and advertisement the real Tobacco Consumption indirectly. The same advertisement is done by Anushka Sharma too. These advertisements directly promote the Pan Masala product of Rajnigandha.


Example 2: The music CDs of Seagram’s Royal Stag have been advertised by none other than SRK and Ajay Devgun, which is a brand for alcoholic drinks.

They use the theme of “Abhi Kuch Banna baaki hai” in the advertisement, which proves that unless and until the person consumes this product, they haven’t reached the above heights.  The same goes with the Elachi ad of Vimal Elachi, which promotes their brand product, i.e. Pan Masala. 

Even Saif Ali Khan has advertised for the Pan Bahaar, which is again a surrogate of tobacco product manufacture by the company.


Example 3: We all know about the Red and White Awards whose brand Ambassador is Pretty Zinta. And when Vivek Oberoi returned the award after knowing the truth behind it, then its name was changed into Godfrey Phillips National Bravery Awards on the name of its parent company, manufacturing the product like Cigarettes.


Example 4: Everyone has seen Urmila Matorkar in the advertisement of “Pataka Chai”, which is truly a surrogate product of the company, to advertise its primary product “Beedi”.


Example 5: Vicky Kaushal has worked in the advertisement of “Platinum” taking the armor of friendship to promote the main alcoholic product of the company in an indirect way. And the funniest part is that the surrogate product advertised by the actor is not present anywhere for the customers to buy.


Example 6: Royal Challenge Sports Drinks are being advertisement by none other than our most favorite player “VIRAT KOHLI”, who has such a huge fan following on the real as well as on social media life. This advertisement is for promoting a sports drink, which is nowhere available to be purchased by the customers. 


But every actor is not so greedy for money in our industry. Some actors like Akshay Kumar and Vivek Oberoi took a step back from this type of indirect and harmful advertisement. 


But we would love to know more examples like these so that we can create more awareness in society.


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