Bigg Boss 14: The 'Historic' Twitter trend of Deserving winner Rubina is nearing 15 Million!

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The 'Historic' Twitter trend of Deserving winner Rubina who's currently one of the most popular contestants of India's biggest reality show Bigg Boss Season 14 is nearing 15 Million now! Viewers are no doubt seeing everything and everything means everything.


From Rakhi’s cheap entertainment to Rubina’s patience, everything is crystal clear now and this is the reason why viewers have started the “Deserving Winner Rubina trend on Twitter.



One viewer called Rubina "a true friend" because of all the blames she took on herself rather than putting it on Arshi and Nikki.



Another confessed that they were in tears as well when they saw Jyotika crying. Even when some contestants started praising the entry of Jasmin into the show, the supporters came up with the answer that she came back to support Aly, not as a contestant again.


With this, viewers are excited to watch the conversation between Jasmin and Jyotica again now. Will Jasmin support Aly or fight with Rubina?


There are so many comments in favor of Rubina, and why not she deserves every bit of the support and love she's getting. After all, you will see in this below tweet, she's earned the respect of so many critics out there including our very own Akassh!



What are your views on this?


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