Tik Tok and Duplicates

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In today's world, the opportunities for creative talent are immense and so much so that, even the kids who are just getting into their teens are able to build an independent fan base as big as the popular stars on Television. All this is possilbe in today's generation thanks to a great platform i.e. TIK TOK which started as an education app but has taken over the world by a storm with its offering of simple and real effective features by which you could make videos of around 15 seconds which is mostly just a lip sync to a song or a dialogue which is from a popular content which is already famous and is trending all over.


With this one of the most rampant category has been the emergence of duplicates or look alikes or what you call as doppelgangers or duplicates which is real intersting to watch as you see a new avatar of an already existing star that you follow or have followed in past.


We have picked some popular tik tok content creators who are creating a huge following through such impersonification. It was hard as the app is full of such talent but our Host - Akash Gupta (Instagram @realakashbhai) selcted and discussed the Top Male and Top Female Duplicates on Tik Tok. Here are those videos - take a look!


Top 10 Bollywood Duplicates on Tik Tok (Male)



Top 10 Bollywood Duplicates on Tik Tok (Female)


Do let us know if you are agree with our choice or what will be your Top 10 picks!