Time loop in Bigg Boss 14!

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Time loop has brought out the hilarious version of each and every member of Bigg Boss.


The video post shared by Bigg Boss sharted with Rubina, Nikki, Rahul, and all the other members dancing on the song “Tunak Tunak Tun”, played by the Big Boss. Then in the next second, they are shown dancing with the same steps and on the same song again and again while wearing different clothes.



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No doubt, the contestants are shown with these happy faces after a long time now as they have been performing and enjoying the task.


After that contestants were shown sitting near the pool, and Nikki asks Rakhi not to touch her. On that, Rakhi replies with “Apna kaam Kar, Chal yahan se nikal”. Then again the time loop gets back and Rakhi is shown massaging the back of Abhinav and telling Nikki the same thing.


This time Nikki replies with “Dhakka ni Dena varna lagaungi”. But Rakhi, with her bad attitude, replies with the same words back on her.


But on the loop episode, they are shown enjoying their fights. They even fall to the ground but kept continuing their task again and again which was really funny.

After that Rubina falling into the pool, Vikas shouting and telling everyone about her falling, and Aly saving her kept in the loop as well.


This episode is one of the most interesting episodes by far! Do you agree?


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