Vanraj's reaction and action defines his fear of losing Anupama

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Yesterday’s episode of Anupama was far different than expected, but many questions have been answered as well. Talking about the decision of Vanraj to settle back to Kavya, he confessed that he didn’t want to get separated from Anupama and this is just a part of his plan.


While we have seen Anupama filing a divorce against Vanraj and sending him the legal notice for the same. On the other hand, Anirudh asked for his 60 lakhs which he has invested in this house. Seems like the Anirudh isn’t going to leave Kavya.


The expectations we can set now with the reaction of Pakhi after leaving the house. Yes, after getting the divorce Vanraj got back to the house and asked for clarification and when Anupama accepted the reality of divorce papers, he took Pakhi with him.


As we know, Kavya isn’t so much concerned about his children, this will be interesting to watch Pakhi’s reaction after some time.


And no matter what Kavya isn’t going to take care of her like Anupama, which will be another factor for her to think about her decision again. Although as per the basic nature of her, we can expect her to come back home after some time, we can’t be sure on that ground too.


Are you also excited about the next story twist?


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