Anupama: Vanraj's U-turn to Kavya!

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As we were guessing about Vanraj's action is the daily soup Anupama, it seems like we finally got the hint of the future turns and events. This show has been in the talk since it has first shown. The story remained kept entertaining the viewers now and then.


Recently we have seen Vanraj trying to go back to Anupama and asking for her forgiveness. This turn had made us re-think Anupama's reaction to this. But in the last shows, Anupama is shown as neglecting the forgiveness of Vanraj and disallowing him from coming back to her life. 


Just after their talk, Kavya tells Vanraj regarding her decision of returning to her husband. On this Vanraj takes a step back to Kavya and announces to leave her completely.

The character of Vanraj is shown so much confused right now. On the other hand, Anupama decides to give divorce to Vanraj when he says that he is going to leave her and marry Kavya now.


This turn of events was shocking and unexpected.


What do you think going to happen now?


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