Vanraj sloops too low with his blames on ANUPAMA

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Anupama show is touching all heights now with its inspiring storyline.

The episode started with Mrs. Dave confronting Vanraj for losing his job. 

She even tells him that Anupama is responsible for his job loss and Kinjal getting it back.

In the next second Anupama is shown serving breakfast to her family and enjoying her time. 

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Meanwhile, Vanraj joins them with a Divorce notice in his hand. 

He gives it to Anupama and asks her to read it aloud. 

He even starts making fun of her limited knowledge. 

After this, when Samar takes the notice from his mother's hands, he starts sobbing and couldn't communicate the things that are written in it. 

But Kinjal takes it from his hand reads it aloud. 

She tells Anupama that Vanraj has added the clause mentioning that she is mentally unstable. 

He even blamed that Anupama is a danger for him to be around.

Whereas for the answer, Anupama confronts that she is unstable because of Vanraj's actions.

She told Vanraj that she always got panic attacks because of his cheating and backstabbing.

Anupama thanks Vanraj for doing such an activity, as now Toshu and Leela will not blame her for her divorce decision.

Vanraj, without any shame, blames Anupama for everything.

On the glimpse for an upcoming episode, Samar screams at Kavya when she says something about Anupama.

He then enters inside her Apartment and throws the table in a flash. Kavya screams back in reaction and files an FIR against him. 

Anupama hereby feels worried about Samar because of her gut feeling that something must be happening with his son.

Aren't you also impressed with the storyline?

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