Varun-Natasha are going to live in their love-nest designed by Natasha herself

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The couple-to-be Natasha and Varun's love is so adorable. No matter where to start and where they end their story sounds like a fairytale turning into reality. 


According to the announcement, they are going to tie their knows and exchange their vows tomorrow. It's been years since they are in a relationship, so getting married was the next plan expected. Also according to the update, their close friend has revealed that the couple is going to be living in the apartment decorated by Natasha herself. 


It is so cute to hear that. This doesn't just show their understanding level but the cooperation too. The couple is going to have their Sangeet and Mehndi festivals today and their vows exchange tomorrow. 


As the bride has strictly applied the No click rule on her wedding, so we are waiting for them to share their wedding photos by themselves. 


Although we can't wait to see the moment of this fairytale coming out as a reality.


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