Bigg Boss 14: Vikas Gupta returns; Arshi Khan Stunned

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Vikas Gupta makes a re-entry in Bigg Boss 14, leaving Arshi Khan amazed. Rubina Dilaik is elated to see him back in the house.


Vikas Gupta has been standing out as truly newsworthy for the last few days. Bigg Boss expelled him after his terrible fight with Arshi Khan. Since the time of his abrupt end from the Bigg Boss 14 house, many have turned out in his help against Arshi.


There have been critics who have been against this entire facade between both but whatever it is, it has definitely generated a lot more TRPs than the regular contestants in the house and you can't take away that from the duo.



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Fans, previous competitors, and VIPs believed that if Vikas was rebuffed for his response, Arshi should likewise get rebuffed.




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In the promo, Vikas goes into the BB 14 house from the confession room, leaving Arshi Khan astonished. Rubina Dilaik runs, embraces him, and looks amazingly cheerful on his return. Rahul Vaidya takes a dig at Rubina and asks, 'Are Vikas and Rubina dear companions?'


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Vikas gets a warm greeting from Nikki Tamboli, Abhinav Shukla, and others


As Vikas chats with others, Arshi, who is in the kitchen zone, calls him and inquires as to whether he needs something. At that point. Vikas doesn't pay any regard to her. Arshi calls him bothering and proceeds with her tirades against him.


Afterward, Vikas shares that the dread of blackmailing that he had before is currently finished. Then again, Arshi prepares up to play the game against Vikas and expresses gratitude toward Bigg Boss for this unforeseen wind and comeback.


While all this is happening, this season of Bigg Boss for sure has taken a big turn skewed towards the antics of this duo leaving the audience with so many questions.


What are your considerations on Vikas Gupta's return? Is the timing of Salman Khan lashing at Arshi on Weekend Ka Vaar done to ensure this time Vikas has peace of mind? Was this a move by the makers to protect Vikas? What will be the next move of Mastermind?