Vishnu Vishal's confession on the accusations! Do Read

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We judge people so quickly, and especially celebrities. But as soon as we come to know the truth the lips get sealed quickly. This proves that knowing both sides of any statement is so much important before going for taking a decision.


Before some days, news regarded Vishnu Vishal getting ranked and abusing his neighbors was in the spotlight. Although he didn't react to it beforehand but today he cleared every doubt. In his confession, he shared a post in the media.



He has mentioned that the person living on the first floor has some issues with him as he was accused since the day he shifted here. He also shared that even his cast members were misbehaved by the person.


Talking about the same, he told his fans that it was his movie DOP when he decided to throw a small party with his friends and colleagues in his apartment, and at the same time, this man entered and started accusing him. In the reaction, he also got angry and used harsh words, but only the part of him accusing there was shared in the media.


In his Instagram post, he also told that due to the issues he started working in his apartment along with his equipment. He was planning to shift from this place, but waiting for the shoot of his movie to end.


He even confessed that he has spoken with the son of that man and agreed on certain grounds.


Do tell us your opinions on this confession.


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