We are soon going to be reading the memoir based on Priyanka Chopra's life

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We have always admired Priyanka Chopra for being a multi Tasker. From jaw-dropping dropping acting to heartbeat skipping singing, she always catches the spotlight in seconds.


But when it comes to her success ladder, we often wondered what path she followed along with all the hardships she had faced. 



And finally, her memoir is soon going to be introduced to us by her. In her recent post on Instagram, she has shared a video in which someone was seen walking up to her, while she was sitting at her study desk and doing her work.

The person then handed over the memoir in her hands and she shared an exciting response on that. Then, she opened the book to show us a glance at what is there written inside. She even posed while hiding her face with the book.


Along with this, her excitement can be seen from her caption on the post saying, "Can I be terrified and excited together?"


Our excitement to read that book has reached the roof. 

Waiting for the time when it will be released finally.


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