Yet another happy news from VIRUSHKA! Here you go..

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Ever since we had heard the news of the pregnancy of Anushka Sharma, the joy is already on the moon.


When the first time, they shared their happy news with us, the time has become unbearable for us and every time our cell shows any notification of them, sharing a post, an automated smile comes on the face.


Although the couple has been seen several times in the city, they have always used masks and proper social distancing. Recently, the couple has been spotted outside their house while they were entering their residence, in none other than their swanky car.


We are guessing they must be going for doctor visits, but again these are just guesses. As the period or due dates being told by the doctors are January 2021. We are now counting on the dates when the couple will be welcoming a new angel into this world.


The best part is that they keep on giving us updates and their bright smiles. Are you also excited about the baby angel?


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