What are the real intentions of Vanraj in the show Anupama?

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Each day in Anupama's show comes out with a great shock for the viewers. The show has gained the TRP since it was first bombarded on TV.


The recent change of events has brought the interest of the people on the serial even more. When we were expecting Vanraj to leave and turn his back on Kavya, a sudden shock has turned on the event on the screen.


In the last episode, we have seen Kavya thinking about telling Vanraj about his change of decision regarding her own marriage and that now she wants to go back to her husband. At this point, we were expecting Vanraj to neglect her when he saw Kavya and her husband outside their house with divorce papers in the hand. 


Because of Vanraj's sudden realization we have been thinking about Anupama's decision on his forgiveness but when he looked at Kavya along with her husband, she felt kind of angry or that's what we could interpret.


And after that, she asked Vanraj to meet her. The twist was that Vanraj was shown going inside Kavya's house even after confronting her feeling for Anupama.

Isn't something fishy here?


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