What's the new shock by Mahima to Rudraksha and Preesha?

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In the recent episode of Yeh Hain Chhatain, we have seen Mahima reacting strangely and speaking the truth.But sadly, that happened just in the dream.

Also when the reality was shown she shuffled Rudra and Preesha with the warning and threatening of doing something with Saaransh.
This show has been on the tongue of every daily soap viewer.

With the amazing story and perfect acting, this has captured the heart of the people in so little time. The twist is now the reason for the reaction of the people. As Rudra after knowing the truth that Mahima has scolded him, went straight to Mahima, slapped her. This must have made her angry.

On the other hand, Preesha was shown worrying about him as he didn’t return on time, went straight to their room. She after reaching the gate, covered her face out of shock.

But then in the next instance family members were shown shocked too by looking at something on their phone screen.


Seems like the Mahima’s new shock. It has been so many events of Mahima going crazy after the winning throne. We can’t hold longer to see Preesha and Rudraksha winning and ruling this game again.


Well, what do you think they would have seen on the phone?


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