When an Indian Living Music Legend Speaks, you need to listen..

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Recently, we launched our podcast "The Logical Podcast" with none other than the living music legend 'Sonu Nigam' and the conversation from both sides opened up a series of facts which not only exposed the mafia and how it operates in the music industry but also how it has so many layers to it due to which, the audience would never even realize how a career in the background is simply destroyed by the powerhouses who are motivated by not only commercial aspects but also their big fat egos!


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As the discussion went further, I started presenting some facts to Sonu as I was quite intrigued and curious that why such a talent and a maestro whose versatility knows no bounds has been so less active from last few years in Bollywood?



I have always seen Sonu quite vocal about social issues and disorders but one thing he’s not spoken about is how the Music Industry and some Powerhouses have been treating Sonu and his talent. 



It was time that I mentioned to him and reminded the 2013 Filmfare awards where ‘Abhi Muh Mein Kahin’ from the movie ‘Agneepath’ composed by ‘Ajay-Atul’ lost to ‘Paani Da Rang’ from the movie ‘Vicky Donor’. See the views, discuss it with anyone who has just little sense of music and they will understand that this was a blunder and when I asked Sonu on his take, he very politely said ‘It was deliberate’ and so I knew, I needed to open up more with him on this matter as while he has not spoken about hit, he will not be able to reject the facts and there I was.


As the discussion progressed we discussed the harassment that Arijit Singh suffered when he was at an early peak in his career, how AR Rahman recently spoke about the Gang who presents false stories about the ace music composer but all these anecdotes seemed small in scale when you consider some of the top music directors like ‘Vishal-Shekhar’ not working with Sonu from more than a decade and that too after giving a blockbuster song ‘Main Agar Kahoon’ from the movie ‘Om Shanti Om’ that was released in 2008. Similarly, ‘Ajay-Atul’ didn’t find Sonu worth it after giving the biggest and all-time hits like ‘Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin’ and ’Sapna Jahan’ from the movie ‘Brothers’ which noticeably also missed nominations in the Filmfare Awards forget winning anything.



To top it all, when I asked how come he’s not singing for SRK who even acknowledged being a fan of his voice, he didn’t have clear answers which also shows the calmness and humility that he’s been maintaining for the ones who he knows are literally more fond of someone else or prefer to or bound by but then, I ask you the readers, isn’t this the same way they were also treating Sushant the only difference being Sushant was young & just started whereas, Sonu already has a legacy of almost 3 decades and that’s where it becomes more interesting as it means, it can actually happen to anyone just anyone.


Sushant Singh Rajput's choice of movies like Dil Bechara and Chicchore show a SECRET!

Sushant Singh Rajput has been a real rage in recent times not that just talking about him could bring a social influencer some worthy attention but what we need to understand is that for every social influencer what is needed the most is an audience which is further enhanced when it enhances the element of empathy and relatability.


Having established this, I am wondering what would it be like if Mohd. Rafi Sahab or Kishore Kumar would have been blocked like this?  It would have meant that the generations to come would have been left deprived of the songs that coined the popular term ‘Old is Gold’ in the context of Indian Music. 



I really don’t think we deserve to get deprived! What do you think?


The Game of Music Mafia.

Ever since Sonu Nigam has exposed the Music Mafia, I've been bombarded with messages from young talents all over Social media. Check this video out: Do you know why, despite having such incredible talent and potential, most of them have not yet gotten their due? Because they are not adopted by any Mafia.