When Anil Kapoor spilled the beans on Kapil Sharma for rejecting his shows..

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The fans of Kapil Sharma show must have seen the recent episodes, in which Anil Kapoor visited to promote their “AK vs AK” NETFLIX show.


While in the chit-chat, Anil Kapoor asked the comedian that why did he reject so many offers given by him? This seems to be a little shocking. Right?

Then Anil Kapoor asked him that he has offered him so many movies and he turned them all. To which Kapil Sharma replied that when he was approached for the TV show “24”, featuring Anil, he was extremely happy but due to his start of the new show he couldn’t make it.



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And then the Nayak actor said if that was the problem, that he was right by not accepting the movie. But Anil Kapoor also reminded him about the other shows he rejected like Pryadarshan’s Tej and Mubarakan.


On which Kapil Sharma requested while joining his hands, that Anil sir should continue offering him such good projects.

Anil Kapoor also replied with his funny style now as he does father roles these, Kapil Sharma should inform him for the roles of brother or father as well.


Do you think Kapil Sharma has made the right choice?


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