When Karma hits you hard

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Karma is like the constant boomerang. It hits the person in the face who starts everything. But we are just too over-smart to accept this fact.


This is why in our new blog we tried to hit on those spots with the help of a short storyline. The video starts with a frustrated employee waiting in his car because of the traffic signal.



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At that time, he gets the call from the food delivery person and refuses to pay the money in return. Even on the call from the customer care, he started making a lot of complaints about the delivery boy and ends the call.


In the next second, his boss calls him regarding the status of the client’s report. At that time when he started getting pressure back on him, he freaks out in response. Now the traffic light turns green and vehicles behind him started making noises for letting him know about his necessary movement.


This is where Karma hits him. A traffic police officer comes to him and complains about his carelessness regarding masks and license. But as he didn’t follow the rules he needed to pay 10,000 rupees as per the fine. After paying the fine he insults his boss, forgetting about the phone call they were having, and losses his job in response.


So the bottom line is, it starts and ends from the same source. So better WATCH YOUR ACTIONS first, instead of using the "WHY ALWAYS ME" tag.


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