Bigg Boss 14: Did Salman really mean it when he Scolded Rakhi?

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It seems like Bigg Boss makers are no more in need of entertainment as the show is coming to its ending stage and may be for the same reason Rakhi Sawant, who got praised for doing harassments, has been shown the open doors now.


The video post shared by ColorsTv shows Salman Khan opening the exit doors for Rakhi Sawant.



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It all started with Salman Khan saying, "Rakhi ek theatre me chali gayin..lanchan lagati ho aap loghon pe.. unke characters ke upr sawaal uthati hun.. gussa hone pr apne aapa kho deti ho.. muh kholti ho to dash girta hai.."


He indirectly pointed to Devoleena and said, "aur to aur jo apko smjhana aata hai aap us pr bhi chadh jati ho." In the response, Rakhi Sawant said "shi ni hai sir bolna.. but".


Next second, Salman Khan stopped her right there and told her that if this the entertainment then they don't need it. He told Rakhi that she had disappointed them a lot this time.


He then asked Rakhi to leave the show of she can't stop her from crossing the line and with Salman's order, the gate opened for Rakhi to leave. It had left everyone shocked.


But the below decode video by Akassh Ashok Gupta on our youtube channel provides you further inputs why Salman would have done this? Is this a hit formula of Bigg Boss creatives to first hype up the content-generating contestant and then, scold them later? Watch the video below and comment your opinion



What do you think?


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