When Rudra and Preesha traveled Animal Planet

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From the last episode of Yeh Hai Chahatain, we can say that the storyline of Mahima is going to stretch even more now.

As Rudra and Preesha lost in the jungle, it seems like they have landed on the ANIMAL PLANET channel. From the start of their journey till its end it has been an adventurous journey. They first met a tiger who turned and left them, then a snake crawled up on the body of Rudra and left him alive.

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But, it seems like the crocodile wants to have some extra footage on the show so it attacked Preesha.

Rudra saves Preesha with all his powers of backing off a crocodile and getting hurt in between.

Then surprisingly a car passed from the middle of the jungle and they reached the hospital.

Talking about the Mahima part, she uses Anesthesia to make Saransh unconscious and takes him away from his father's house.

In the upcoming glimpse, we can see his father coming to Rudra's house and announcing that her grandson was kidnapped.

After this, a physical fight between Rudra and his father takes place. This fight happens while getting asked for the reason for purchasing the hospital.

For the forest part, it seems like we changed the channel so due to which Rudra and Preesha landed from Star Plus to Animal Planet, but luckily got saved in the end.

How do you comprehend this storyline?

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