Why some critic predictions never fail? Big Boss season 14

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All accurate predictions are not just lucky guesses! Professional critics make accurate predictions through a process of logical analysis.
Let's celebrate the latest and most logical prediction of the week as analyzed at PeepOye.com


So, from the fake and shallow 'reality show Big Boss 14', VIKAS GUPTA WILL GET ELIMINATED!



His activities are now a lot more boring, repetitive and doing nothing to entertain the viewers anymore!

We predicted this long back, after we cracked Vikas Gupta's strategy!

Take a look!



We knew that Vikas Gupta entered the house to correct his image. And we knew all the pointers about the stay and pay of Big Boss house members! 

See our video where we exposed Bigg Boss once again! This is the leaked live recording of Jasmin Bhasin and Aly Goni on the sets of Big Boss!



As we can see, everything in the reality shows like Big Boss, is based on the payments, contract lengths and scripts.

Stay tuned for the most authentic critic analyzations and predictions!


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