You're not going to blink your eye in today's episode of Big Boss14!

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If a party is happening in the house of Big Boss, then it can’t be dull. This time the spark was put by none other than Arshi Khan in her silver nightgown.


The new year party is going to be celebrated inside the house of Big Boss with a new task for the members. They need to select a new captain again. WOAH.. this concept always increases the craze because the contestants start entertaining us as well as the members even more.


This time there are 3 competitors Rahul Mahajan, Arshi Khan, and Rakhi Sawant, in the race of becoming a House Captain. They need to entertain and attract their team members to come to their team.



While explaining the cons of selecting Rakhi Sawant as a captain, Arsh said that she isn’t hygienic. Even Rakhi was seen requesting other teammates to select her as she can entertain them and will never take the benefit of captainship.


Seems like we aren’t going to blink our eyes in today’s episode.


What’s you take?


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