Zomato Delivery Boy - Is our 'Guilty' Society making innocent men the 'Victims'?

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Brief: Recently a female influencer posted a video on her Instagram reporting a physical assault from a delivery boy of Zomato but there was a twist to this tale


As they say, every coin has 2 sides and every story has 2 perspectives.

In a country like India, which has some amazing credentials around devotion, we worship thousand of Gods including female Goddesses but then, we have also seen series of traditions which really suppressed women in the past and then came the new era, where a lot of movements started to up-liftment women in the society and today we have seen women proving to everyone in all fields alike that they are no lesser than men.


 But with the growing need for social up-liftment for women, sometimes we tend to get over-aggressive to prove that we have become broad-minded as a society. Instead of looking at what is really the issue, we take sides in awe of the movement of 'Feminism' may be due to our own guilty treat of being a promoter of male-chauvinism or experienced 'misogynistic mentality in our surroundings and thus, we realize that we ended up taking the wrong stand and supporting someone who didn't deserve it at all with some fake allegations around 'me-too', 'dowry' or eve-teasing cases where the female was only trying to take advantage of the situation influencing the social media to satisfy their ego and personal motives.


The recent case of reporting the physical assault on 'Zomato Delivery Boy' looks no different where beauty influencers and a Zomato Customer based out of Bengaluru looks no different and thus, here's a point-by-point breakdown and a decode by me uploaded on our youtube channel just to show the presence of so many ifs and buts and why one should refrain from taking any sides until and unless there's enough evidence to prove otherwise.


Watch this video and give your perspective and your opinion in the comments and we would love to know what you think on this matter as well.



As this video was published before Zomato came up with their press release, we would like to highlight a key data element in their press release which is around the credibility of the delivery boy 'Kamaraj' involved in this case. To everyone's surprise, the boy completed 5000+ deliveries with a rating of 4.7/5 post which one should really rest the case and wonder what 'Hitesha Chandranee' was really thinking or was she really hungry? We are not just talking about food alone..