Two different versions of Rakhi Sawant in BB14! Which one do you choose?

Colors TV has shared a post of Rakhi Sawant sharing screen with two completely different versions of herself.

Taking a stand for yourself is something worth it, but hurting someone else for it can’t be considered ethical.

Jasmin committed that she isn't guilty of hurting Rakhi Sawant.

Salman Khan scolded everyone for insulting Rakhi Sawant! This is why..

Salman Khan told everyone that just because she has a different personality, that doesn't give them any right to insult her.

You're not going to blink your eye in today's episode of Big Boss14!

In today's episode of Big Boss, it's going to be a blast as of New Year Party.

Horror avatar of Rakhi Sawant is at the brink of Super Cringe and Super Entertaining!

The latest promo of Big Boss 14 shows that Rakhi got possesed by a dark soul inside the house.

Ritesh, Rakhi's husband has taken a step forward to save his wife now

After the fight between RakhiSwant and Nikki along with Manu Punjabi, Nikki's mother started giving their reaction to the media, that how vulgar and bad Rakhi has done with her daughter. On this Rakhi's real husband, Ritesh took a stand for her by showing a mirror to everyone.